[Cuisine] Phu Yen Cooked Tuna Eyes (Mat Ca Ngu Dai Duong)

The central coastal province of Phú Yên, a land of immense green grass fields scattered with yellow flowers and stunningly beautiful cliffs abutting the blue sea, is a highlight on the tourism map of Việt Nam.

During a visit to Phú Yên, one can sit by the windy beach and enjoy slices of fresh tuna fish so cold that they may freeze your teeth. After that, warm up your stomach with the most distinguished delicacy of the region, a bowl of hot tuna eyes stewed with herbs, available at very reasonable price. The dish offers a distinctive taste of the area’s sea flavour.

In almost any talk about dishes of the cooked tuna eyes, people think about Phu Yen province. Though it is a symbolic food of the region, it sometimes makes guests afraid because the tuna eyeballs are so big. Nonetheless, the single taste can convince everybody of the unique flavor and it will leave a strong impact.

This favorite delicacy must be processed in a right away in order to bring nice culinary experience in the end. In that sense, the Phu Yen locals steam the tuna eyes with the Chinese herbs which are good for health, indeed. But, the herbs do not influence the fishy smell. Rather, it adds the health value and enhances the taste of the ensemble.

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