[Cuisine] Half-dried beef with yellow salted ant

If the Northwest of Vietnam has “Trau Gac Bep” (buffalo meat) and Da Nang City has the fried beef, then Phu Yen province is proud of the half-fried beef served with yellow salted ant. Not only do people eat this food on the spot, but they also buy it for home.

The beef in this area is taken from the cows that eat the grass of the mountains, so its meat is sweet and soft. With the good-quality beef, the cooks will spice it with seasonings, chili, garlic, and fried onions. Then, they will let it dry under the sun for one day or dry it for two hours. After that, the half-dried beef will be mixed with the yellow salted ant– which is also a specialty of Phu Yen. The dried food is portable so it can be gifts for family and friends after your Phu Yen Tour Packages.

So now you know already What to Eat in Phu Yen Vietnam. Winning compliments on the beautiful Nature, Phu Yen also appeals to visitors thanks to the signature dishes that seem unavailable elsewhere. So anytime you get to this coastal destination, make sure you eat at least three of these.

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