[Cuisine] The Blood Cockles of Ô Loan Lagoon

While O Loan swamp (Dam O Loan) is a spectacular natural attraction to view the best sunrise moments, its specialty of blood cockles (So Huyet) is a great ingredient for mouth-watering food.
With the calm water, low hills, green sugarcane fields, etc., the swamp is ideal for sightseeing especially in the early morning while you can admire the sunrise and savor the green, extensive serenity. Caught from this beautiful swamp, the blood cockles are bigger than the ones in elsewhere. Once the locals find the cockle, they often process it by grilling and topped with chopped green onions, just grilling, stir-frying, roasting with salt and chili, with tamarind sauce, etc. This seafood is often eaten with gruel or rice.
While enjoying this food, people can have small talks, enjoy the views, and create memories together. Plates of blood cockles grilled hot and topped with scallions and peanuts are so attractive and delectable that make you remember the taste. Besides, other popular ways of cooking are to roast the cockles with shrimp salt or steam them with chili and lemongrass. It is chewy and juicy, and the taste remains best in Phu Yen Vietnam.

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