Experience Halloween decoration at Sala Tuy Hoa Beach Club

The coffee space of Sala Tuy Hoa Beach has been prepared for Halloween decoration with impressive and magical theme. Let’s visit us to experience and save the scary but also interesting moments.

These last days of October bustling with Halloween atmosphere, in the meantime, just keep calm and prepare yourself for the horror costumes and tools to stand out in the ghost night.

Halloween decoration
The Sala Tuy Hoa Beach Cofffee area with magical Halloween decoration
Halloween Pumpkin
Pumpkin is a symbol of Halloween decoration that we could not miss!
Halloween Blood Gloves
Also remember to check out the indispensable makeup tool – Blood Gloves
Halloween Ghost Bats
The vampire squad image absolutely sticks with the Ghost Bats

The Halloween night is when creative ideas come into being. On-screen celebrities, familiar clowns in horror movies, vampires, or wizards are always inspiring ideas for Halloween costumes. Besides, there are still beautiful and stylish ideas which suitable for girls such as Elsa fairies, “little witch” costumes, or Batman for boys…

Let’s dress up to save the most impressive images for yourself on an unforgettable October 31st night.

No-Face (カオナシ Kaonashi, lit. “Faceless”) is a spirit in the Japanese animated film Spirited Away. He is shown to be capable of reacting to emotions and ingesting other individuals in order to gain their personality and physical traits. (Source: Fandom) This image becomes popular the recent years and being a favourite costume in many Asian country, specially Viet Nam.

No-Face (Kaonashi) Cosplay
An adorable set of No-Face (Kaonashi) Cosplay like this boy could promise to melt any devils’ hearts
Together with Sala and your friends, let’s make a memorable Halloween night!

Wish you have a happy and safe Halloween!


For your reference of other spaces of Sala Tuy Hoa Beach

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