Top 5 beautiful coffee shops in Phu Yen

Whether you are a local or a traveler, be sure to check-in at 5 beautiful coffee shops in Phu yen in the list below to experience the sense of view “yellow flower on green grass” in many different aspects.

  1. Sala Tuy Hòa Beach Club – A muse place in the heart of Phu Yen coastal province

Sala is set in a peaceful green oasis next to a long, poetic coastline. Therefore, this place brings a sense of intimacy, so when sitting at any corner of Sala you will feel really relaxed, comfortable and could randomly take many beautiful photos.

Beautiful coffee shop in Phu Yen
The special space has the green of plants and the blue of the ocean, which makes every person coming here feel really relax.

Thanks to its exquisite design, luxury and spacious space, Sala gradually becomes the ideal destination for many couples, groups of friends and family in the evening and on the weekends. In addition, a menu with a wide range of drinks & foods makes Sala be very suitable for the majority of guests. Another special thing is that you will be served with many featured types of beer and cocktail, which fit with a gentle evening/night.

The beautiful coffee shops in Phu Yen
The drinks and food at Sala are extremely diverse and are served quite professionally, offering many interesting experiences.

In fact, it is not difficult to find a coffee shop but finding a place with its own quality, giving customers a lot of high-class value such as Sala is not easy. Especially, many couples also choose Sala as a romantic dating place on weekends, where they can be helped to prepare a cozy dinner right in front of the sea with well-prepared dishes and drinks. So this will be an interesting experience when choosing a day to enjoy the natural privileges bestowed right at Sala – one of the beautiful coffee shops in Phu Yen.

Couple dating in Phu Yen
The romantic date next to the person you love in front of the vast sea always brings you many unforgettable memories.

Address: 51 Doc Lap Street, Tuy Hoa City

2. Pho Xanh

If you like the simple, modern, not too complicated and sophisticated, Pho Xanh is a perfect choice in the list of beautiful coffee shops in Phu Yen. It is not too difficult for you to see Pho Xanh when this beautiful cafe is located on Hung Vuong street in central of Tuy Hoa.

Pho Xanh has eye-catching decorations, many areas, especially for children. You should come to Pho Xanh at night because Pho Xanh in the night light is very sparkling and much more beautiful than the day. However, if you like the quiet, daytime in Green Street is also not a bad choice.

Beautiful Pho Xanh coffee shop
Pho Xanh in the night light is very sparkling and much more beautiful than the day.

Besides being known as one of the beautiful coffee shops in Phu Yen, Pho Xanh is also famous for its own menu with various foods, snacks, milk tea with many topping and drinks that are loved by many young customers.

Beautiful space at Phố Xanh
Pho Xanh with lots of space and private areas for all types of customers.

Adress: 145 Hung Vuong Street, Tuy Hoa

3. Hiệp Yến

Hiep Yen is another beautiful coffee shop in Phu Yen that could not be ignored because it locates on Hung Vuong street – central of Tuy Hoa city. Hiep Yen is like a miniature tropical garden in the heart of the coastal city. When entering Hiep Yen, you will be overwhelmed by a lot of manicured trees and beautiful bonsai. This place is also famous for its huge KOI aquarium with a large number of colorful KOI fish.

Hiệp Yến coffee shop
You will feel overwhelmed when entering the mini garden with lots of bonsai.

With the spacious space, including garden and cold room, you will have moments of true relaxation thanks to the green and airy space at Hiep Yen. In addition, you will have many choices of drinks thanks to the menu stretching from coffee, smoothies to ice cream dishes.

Hiệp Yến Phú Yên
If you need a little green and airy, Hiep Yen is a place that can bring you closer to nature.

Address: 262 – 266 Hung Vuong street, Tuy Hoa

  1. Stelia – Gozo Brew House

It is not surprising that Gozo Brew House is in the list of beautiful coffee shops in Phu Yen and is loved by many because of its unique design, Mediterranean style with curved roofs.

Stelia Phú Yên
The mediterranean design brings a lot of curiosity to the guests.

The Mediterranean design triggers lots of curiosity and brings excitement for their guests. If you want to find a new place, it is possible to come to Gozo to be immersed in the wood space, bamboo with brown color tones. Moreover, Gozo also regularly organizes acoustic night on the weekends to enhance the experience of customers coming to Gozo.

Gozo Grew House Phú Yên
The interior of Gozo Brew House is mainly made from wood, rattan and bamboo, creating a cozy place for customers.

Address: C1 Doc Lap street, Tuy Hoa

  1. Huy Tùng

The first thing when mentioning Huy Tung is not only about this beautiful coffee shop in Phu Yen, but also the special taste of coffee with extremely good quality. That is the reason why Tung has always been one of the priority choices of the local people at Phu Yen.

Tùng coffee shop Phú Yên
Huy Tung coffee shop has been famous for a long time with the special taste of coffee, awakening the senses of the guests.

In addition, Huy Tung is also a pretty nice cafe with the location based on “Nhạn” mountain, creating a unique feature.

Tùng coffee shop at Tuy Hoa
The classic design gives Tung coffee a very unique style.

One day, let’s try to invite some friends to come to Tung coffee and take time to enjoy a cup of coffee and fresh air. That will surely be an unforgettable memory of each person.

Address: 69 Tan Da, Tuy Hoa

Your wonderful journey will not be complete if you miss these top 5 beautiful coffee shops in Phu Yen. Remember to save time and invite your friends to these cafes together!

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